In this episode we discuss surviving the holidays. We will discuss many hacks to get you through the holiday’s. Happy holidays! I love you and wish everyone a peaceful and lovely holiday.

Being alone on the holidays:


For some of us we will be alone this holiday. I have had many holiday’s where I’ve been alone.

How do you manage a holiday alone?

Don’t feel sad. You are not going to be alone forever. For the new years set goals to make more friends and extend your social network. For those without families your social network will become your family.

Watch your favorite series. Relax and enjoy the quiet time. Work on your hobbies.

If you suffered from family trauma that makes the holidays especially painful, be thankful that you are out of that situation.

Be at peace and know things will get better. I’m proof of that. I’ve had many holidays alone and now I don’t have time alone. But there were many holidays where I felt I would be alone forever. That is not true if you put yourself out there. Challenge yourself and work on making friends.

If you have friends do a virtual TV series watching. Have a virtual holiday event time with friends.

But it does get better. With self knowledge and effort you can work towards building a network and maybe someday a relationship that will help you in not being alone.

I love you all and wish you happy holidays!!!