Welcome to How to Love Living podcast

Welcome to “How to Love Living” podcast website. The goal of this podcast is to provide education, ideas and constructive conversation around happiness, vulnerability and mental health. We work to give you tools to navigate your daily life in a thoughtful and constructive understanding. And if anything to know you are not alone in working through the challenges that life gives us.

Our challenges are all distinctively our own. We are not all the same but I’ll argue that we can find similarities in our challenges and the solutions that help us navigate our world and life.

Not all the podcast episodes will connect with everyone. I believe that  interesting and thought provoking ideas can be explored and if the conversation helps one person then my work is done.

Much of the conversation will include my personal experiences, books I’ve read or friends/family experiences. This podcast is not a replacement for professional therapy. The work you do in a professional therapy environment is key to growth. I feel that every person should be working with a therapist for education on mental health and how their mind works.